Adnan Engineering LLC is Dubai provider of fire safety equipment, systems and services. With a significant amount of experience and expertise in fire protection & detection systems, we offer solutions you can depend on.
Our expertise is to provide turn-key solutions for Design, supply, installation & maintenance of firefighting sprinkler systems, fire pump sets, External fire hydrant systems, Clean Agent fire suppression system, Fire Alarm System & Emergency Lighting Systems.
Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers through an amalgamation of qualified & experienced team with latest technology advancements in the industry.

Fire Alarm System Dubai

We’ve got experts in designing, installing and maintaining thousands of fire systems and many satisfied customers who trust our knowledge, reliability and punctuality on sites.

Whether it is the initial design, system maintenance, full installation or a supply and commission – we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a first class solution for you. Whether it’s a small office, 500 bedroom hotel or large industrial site needing a fire alarm protection – we can ensure that the whole project is managed seamlessly from start to finish.

We have a range of fire detection devices, including call points and smoke and heat detectors, as well as control panels that can cover multiple areas and zones that will sound the appropriate warning, allowing you to identify the location and type of threat.

All the commercial fire alarm systems and components we supply are Dubai Civil Defence approved, to assure you of their quality and performance, and our expert technicians can provide full installation, as well as testing, servicing and maintenance to the correct standard. Our technicians are also available to visit your premises, usually within 24 hours, if you have a problem with your alarm, to ensure you are fully protected at all times.

All your information will be listed and scheduled on our specially designed software, enabling you to access it whenever you require. This means our technicians can notify you directly when your equipment and alarm is due for servicing, so you can maintain your fire safety diligently.

Adnan Engineering LLC offers the clients the package suitable to their specification and budget from the basic conventional system to an addressable system. We can offer the following packages according to your requirements:

  • Fire detection alarm systems – conventional, addressable and wireless systems
  • Modification of existing fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm maintenance

So contact us today and we can organize a free, no obligation survey of your premises to ensure that you have a free of charge discussion with one of our team.

Fire Extinguishers

Adnan Engineering LLC provides fire extinguishers to meet every type of emergency. Our fire extinguishers are fully certified and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the required protection for your property. We stock the following types of fire extinguishers: CO₂, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent and Wet Chemical.

A fire extinguisher is an essential piece of equipment for properties and vehicles. Adnan Engineering LLC also supplies specially-made car fire extinguisher and we will inform you about fire extinguisher regulation for boats. If needed, we can conduct a fire extinguisher inspection to ensure that your fire extinguisher performs in an emergency.

Dry Powder




Clean Agent

Wet Chemical

Hoses & Accessories

Adnan Engineering LLC is a leading supplier of fire hoses and accessories in Dubai and the Middle East. Our hoses and accessories are fully certified by the NFPA and UL. Every fire hose we provide will enable your fire fighting team to stop fires quickly in your property or environment.

Single Jacket Hose

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Fire Hose Rack Assembly

PU Lined Hose

Duralex Fire Hose, UL Listed

Delivery Hose Coupling

Handheld Branch Pipe

Standard Branch Pipe

Reels & Cabinets

Adnan Engineering LLC supplies fire hose reels and fire hose cabinets for customers across Dubai and the Middle East. Our equipment will ensure that the inhabitants in your property are equipped to deal with a range of fires. All of our reels and cabinets have been tested and certified by the following: BSI, FM, LPCB, Global Mark and UL.

Fire Hose Reel


Valves & Risers

Adnan Engineering LLC is the leading manufacturer of UL certified valves and risers in the Dubai and Middle East region. We supply the largest of landing valves, breeching inlets and angle hose valves. All of our products are suitable for a range of dry risers and will play an important role in your fire defense.

Landing Valves

Breeching Inlets

Angle Hose Valve

Fire Hydrants

Adnan Engineering LLC supplies the largest selection of fire hydrants for our clients in Dubai and the Middle East. High-performance fire hydrants are vital for combating fires as they provide a ready supply of water. Our fire hydrants have been certified by the LPCB and Kitemark.

Dry Type Pillar Fire Hydrants - UL/FM

Dry Type Pillar Fire Hydrants - Kitemark/LPCB

Under Ground Hydrant

Smoke Control Override

The Smoke Control Override Panel manufactured by ADNAN ENGINEERING provides a user-friendly interface to the HVAC system for fire fighters to use in smoke control. Switches are provided for fan and damper control, while high intensity LEDs indicate the status of fans and dampers.

A multi-color graphic depicting the building provides a clear picture relating each switch and indicator to the appropriate floor or building zone. Critical areas like stairways, elevator shafts, main fresh air ducts, and main exhaust ducts are highlighted by use of distinct colors. To order a Fire fighter’s Smoke Control Override Panel, the customer provides a sketch of the building, switch type and location, and LED locations.

ADNAN ENGINEERING will then design and manufacture the panel to the customer’s specification. These cost efficient panels provide an easy to use and practical HVAC interface to any fire control room.

Emergency Light Service Dubai

Our LED Emergency and Exit Light (Combination Light) come with a very unique low profile design, which allows them to be fixed and mounted above exit gates and also in restricted spaces.

Our lights come with single faced configuration and double faced configuration. These LED Lights provide the function of Exit Signage and Exit Lighting in just one single unit.

The LED Emergency and Exit Light (Combination Light) are low voltage and a battery backup of upto 3 hours after charge. The battery has a long life of upto 4 years.


  • Single or double face configuration
  • Two fully adjustable Square shaped light
  • Long Lasting LED that are operational in normal Condition(AC input) & emergency (DC input) modes
  • Test button
  • Suitable for mounting on a normally flammable surface
  • RED LED indicator indicates battery charging mode.
  • Replaceable directional arrow inserts are easily removed and reinserted
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Suitable for indoor use, wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Universal mounting
  • Available models with Red LED Light & Green LED Light