Solar Energy Division

We are the proud Solar Energy Service provider in the whole United Arab Emirates. With so many projects from small to large scale, we have achieved a trusted reputation with our customers in UAE. We take great pride in giving all our customers a solution that lead them to a better life and a safer environment. Solar thermal energy (STE) is an innovative technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat).

Our TS series is an efficient and economical heating system that utilizes the natural principals of convection to give you steaming hot water and lower heating costs. Let our solar energy help your environment and your wallet. Produce your own electricity for your hot water with our state of the art products. Either commercial or residential, you can benefit from a long-term return.

We are ADNAN ENGINEERING focusing exclusively on renewable energy power generation using the latest tried-and-tested technologies. We know how hard it can be to find the best information to get you started. This is why we combine our engineering know how with a large range of solar energy products be it solar hot water systems or PV inverters, modules and mounting frames you can see why we are the preferred supplier for all things solar and wind.

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Conergy's Australia wide professional dealer and installer network offers competitive prices and good old fashioned customer service with fast turn around and a friendly smile. Another important reason to choose Conergy is the security of buying from a reputable brand. Conergy, as one of the world's largest renewable energy companies, is still going to be around to honour your 25 year module warranty something that may not be important now, but can create a lot of hassle over 20 years after your system is installed and maintenance support may be required.