Home Automation & Energy Saving Solution

With our home automation systems, it is easy to attain a comfortable, energy efficient home quickly and conveniently and, save a little money along the way. Our home automation systems enable you remote control of features such as:

Our home automation systems can be connected to your IP camera video surveillance,so that you can watch what's going on at home or in your business as it happens. Want to be sure the lights come on? You can. Not only is this an easy way to maintain an energy efficient home, it's also an ideal way to save money on your monthly utility bills. When climate control and lighting are managed remotely, you can achieve better control over your home's energy consumption and reduce your energy bills accordingly.

I.  Lighting
II.  Thermostats
III.  Appliances and others. Imagine the empowering ability to manage your home's energy consumption from a distance, and the convenience of turning  functions on and off while you're away. With this technology, you can:


 Turn your home thermostat up or down from the office


 Turn lights on and off while away for the evening or on vacation


  Manage window shades, appliances, and other features for optimal effectiveness